Knee injuries are becoming increasingly common in our society today and people have this expectation that whatever injury they incur they will be able to recover quickly and get back to their favourite activity. Nobody wants to be in pain, but not everyone is taking the necessary actions to treat the injury that’s causing the pain. Treating an injury requires commitment but in the end it’s worth the effort for both short and long term results. Here is a list of the Top 10 Knee Pain Treatments.

There are several different injuries associated with the knee and while not all can be treated with acupuncture, there are several that acupuncture CAN help with.

3 Common Types Knee Injuries and Pain That Can Be Treated With Acupuncture:

1) MCL Tear

49ers Seahawks Knee Injury

A tear of the MCL or Medial Collateral Ligament occurs when the ligament is overstretched, usually resulting from an activity that involves twisting, a sudden change in direction, landing with impact or a blow to the outer aspect of the knee. Pain is felt on inner side of the knee and some swelling may be present. Various degrees of tears can occur, which in turn will affect recovery time. This injury is often associated with ACL injuries.

2) Prepatellar Bursitis

This is also commonly known as Housemaids Knee. It may result from a blunt trauma, but repetitive kneeling usually causes it. There is a small fluid sac called a bursa that helps to decrease the friction between the bone and tendon. When the bursa becomes irritated it may swell up, turn red and kneeling will be very painful.

 3) Patellar Tendonitis

This injury is commonly called Jumpers Knee. This is often an overuse injury due to repetitive jumping or kicking that places excess force on the tendon resulting in small micro tears. Pain is easily produced by pressing on the patellar tendon which is located just below the patella/knee cap. This injury is not always consistent with its presentation though. The pain may happen before, during or after activity depending on the degree of the injury, but it’s often achy or stiff.

On a side note, Osgood Schlatter presents similar to Patellar Tendonitis however it occurs in adolescents during a major growth spurt. The pain occurs because the bone is growing faster than the tendon causing it to stretch.

Knee Injury Acupuncture

Other common injures that did not make the list are ACL Injuries and Meniscus Tears. Acupuncture will be able to help treat the pain associated with these injuries, but it will not fix the underlying injury. This type of injury usually requires surgery, however acupuncture can help with the post-op recovery.

To avoid long term problems with any of these injuries it is important to seek proper treatment.  Consult with an acupuncturist to find out if acupuncture can help with your injury.