True stories from patients whose lives have been changed by Acupuncture:

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“I had been working with many different practitioners on the chronic pain in my achilles tendon.  An old sports injury, it was flaring up every time I ran, and sometimes even on short walks.  When someone suggested acupuncture I was nervous and skeptical, but Jessica’s patient and gentle demeanor, as well as her expertise put me at ease.  After a few treatments I was pain free, and am happy to say,  I have been running, skiing and dancing and the pain has not returned.”
– Barbara

“So glad that I met Jessica Zerr. I was suffering from terrible jaw pain (TMJ) after some dental work and she was an absolute godsend. I needed to take 4 or more Advil to manage the pain during the day, to sleep through the night and to be able to eat without major discomfort. After my treatments with Jessica I am now pain free, sleeping through the night and enjoying food again.”
– Julie M.

“Jessica’s expertise with acupuncture gave me immediate relief from pain in my upper fore arm, that had developed over time following a fractured wrist. After the usual six weeks in a cast followed by several sessions with a physiotherapist the bones had healed properly and my flexibility was steadily improving.  However, I was experiencing a tight pain in my arm, accompanied by occasional numbness and tingling in my fingers. My orthopedic doctor suggested carpal tunnel surgery, if the symptoms did not improve.  The physiotherapist had given me acupuncture needles and said to stay with the exercise program and see what happens. I wore a removable wrist splint at night for several weeks and received temporary relief from it, but I was looking for long term relief from pain.

Hearing great reviews from others of the pain relief they had received from seeing Jessica for acupuncture, I decided to see her for an evaluation, in the hope that she could help me too. She took the time to carefully review my history and access my concerns.  I felt confident in her knowledge and totally relaxed in her care. Jessica is compassionate and professional in her expertise.  She released me from my pain and discomfort after one treatment of acupuncture.

Now a year later and I am still pain free. Thank-you Jessica.  Your work is amazing!”
– I.Z.

“Jessica has a nice caring persona which makes you feel relaxed, which is a state I need be in when having needles inserted into my body. After just 2 treatments with a week’s rest in between my tennis elbow/tendonitis was totally gone.
10 out of 10.”
 – Gary Wilson 

“I came to see Jessica for a shoulder and neck problem that I have been experiencing for years. Jessica took the time to listen to my concern and do a detailed physical assessment. My acupuncture treatment was focused on the problem at hand and I left feeling much improved. I was given exercises and stretches to do at home and also a time line of roughly how many treatments would be needed to create long lasting change, which was very helpful. I am excited to continue my care with Jessica and would highly recommend her for long standing injuries.”
– L.N.

“I have been going to see Jessica recently to address a strained neck and shoulder muscle that I have had from my mixed martial arts training. Her knowledge and skill in acupuncture has made significant improvements to my neck, increasing my range of motion and speeding up my recovery so that I can get back into my MMA training as soon as possible. Her professionalism, attentiveness, and welcoming smile make her a great acupuncturist to see whether you’re looking for a new acupuncturist or whether it’s your first time going to one.”
– Bence N.

“I started to see Jessica for forearm treatments, as I am a Registered Massage Therapist. After the first session I noticed results. It only took a few sessions for the muscles to relax back to their regular tone. I continue to see Jess for other musculoskeletal issues and am amazed at how she can get my Levator Scapula to release, an area where Massage has not been as beneficial. I highly recommend to go see her!”
-Paige Allen, RMT

“I came to Jessica with two issues. 1) Incredibly painful shin splints a month before my marathon and 2) A sizeable amount of stress when it comes to acupuncture. At that point, it was difficult to tell which of the issues was more debilitating. Jessica carefully listened to my concerns and conducted my treatments with the utmost patience. The level of trust she cultivated was enough to not only put me at ease but for me to also recommend her to several friends. My race went off without a hitch and included a PR and I never hesitate to see Jess for anything that needs a tune up.”
– T.R.